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Exercise Plan for Women: Victoria Secret Model Workout Routine and Diet

I recently read a couple interviews of Justin Gelband who has developed what might be called the Victoria Secret model workout routine.  Justin is a trainer who has helped numerous models get in shape without resorting to over-the-top tactics.  I think a lot of his tips can be used in a good exercise plan for women.  Heck, even men could probably take away a few ideas!

Goal Setting

Justin is very realistic in his approach to training Victoria’s Secret models.  He treats each model uniquely and individually.  There isn’t one workout approach that will be effective for everyone.  He acknowledges that everyone has their own trouble spots and goals to get a near perfect body.  Justin even admits that most Victoria Secret models weren’t necessarily born with ideal bodies.  A lot enjoy eating just as much as the next person and have just as many insecurities as the average person.

Victoria Secret Model Workout Routine

Whether you’re male or female, the key to an effective workout routine is intensity.  In my opinion, the more intense your workout, the better results you’ll get.  Obviously this may result in injury if taken to the extreme, but generally speaking, a short, intense workout will help you burn fat while adding or maintaining muscle.

Some of the key tweaks Justin incorporates into the models’ workout routines are that he focuses on “lengthening and strengthening.”  He doesn’t think the models should bulk up so avoids most direct leg training.  In his opinion, lunges and other exercises involving leg weights have no place in a model’s workout routine.  Even plyometrics and stair running are barred.  Finally, he only allows the girls to use 5lb weights.

With all these limitations, what does a Victoria Secret model workout routine include?  Mainly exercises that feature resistance bands, a Bosu ball, and the occasional boxing workout or Pilates routine.  The goal of these is to “promote balance and stability” while working a variety of muscles that improve posture and core strength.  Generally, the workouts range from 45-75 minutes and are done 3-4 days per week.  The actual exercises are varied often to avoid boredom and focus on toning the hips, inner thighs, and stomach.

Victoria Secret Model Diet

Generally the most important part of any fitness program is diet.  It’s no different here.  When the models want to get in the best shape possible, they avoid salt, sugar, and high carb foods.  Each meal includes a balance of protein, healthy carbs, and fat.  For example, Miranda Kerr, one of Justin’s clients, eats lean proteins and healthy carbs for breakfast (oatmeal, egg whites, veggies, fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese).  She sticks with salads and chicken for lunch and has vegetables with fish, chicken, or turkey for dinner.

Exercise Plan for Women

If you want a more structured workout routine, I’d recommend checking out Visual Impact for Women by Rusty Moore.  While I obviously can’t personally speak to the success of the program, I can say that my wife has achieved some excellent results so far and that Visual Impact Muscle Building (the men’s equivalent program) is my personal favorite workout routine.

When it comes down to it, the Victoria Secret model workout routine and diet is just like any other exercise plan for women.  It requires dedication, hard work, and discipline.  However, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can see that it’s possible to get a body like a Victoria Secret model.

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  • I don’t know that in reality, any woman would really want a Victoria Secret model body.

    Let’s take a look at the pictures posted. Most of the models are doing some kind stretch in the photo at hip, simply to pull the skin tighter in order to show a flat stomach. I’m guessing that they are all holding their breath as well. I won’t even get into the photo shopping of the pics either. But, it does the job because your eyes are drawn towards the abs, which tends to be the gold standard of fitness in both men and women.

    But look at everything else on these models. complete sticks. I could probably wrap my hand around each of their biceps and have no problem touching my middle finger to my thumb.

    And those legs. They look like flimsy stilts on an ocean front house.:)

    I haven’t read the Venus Index yet but from what I’ve read on other pieces on what is determined to be “attractive” in a female figure across cultures are more curves than what these models are putting out. The pic of the woman on the Venus Index seems a bit closer (as well as more attainable), the pic that Anna posted of Jessica Biel on her blog is also not bad: http://www.pathtofatloss.com/2010/11/21/how-many-calories-should-i-eat-daily/

    And I always think back to the movie Terminator 2 with Linda Hamilton bustin out pullups and really showing off her shoulders and guns.


    Guess it’s just whatever ya like though.:)


  • Well normally I would disagree with their workouts but looking at these models its hard to put up an argument when they look so hot!
    Must be genetics! ..haha

  • Mike,
    I agree that models don’t necessarily have ideal bodies (at least for my taste), but I’d venture to say that a lot of women would love to be that “far from ideal.” Regardless, your overall point is why I think the Adonis Effect and Venus Index are such great programs. They pinpoint what your ideal measurements should be and construct a program to get you there.

    They certainly work hard on their bodies, but I don’t think the effort is out of reach for the average person. I think the key is that they stay within striking distance and hit things really hard when they want to prep for a show/shoot.


  • Got to love the Victoria Secrets models! I think that they are hot of course, but I don’t mind a little muscle too. Not too much, but a little more athletic is really sexy I think.


  • Nice post Dave but I would have to agree with Mike. VS models usually give women the wrong impression when they think of diet and exercise. Everytime VS models come up its about starving and only living off of 300-600 calories daily and not the typical exerise and good eating.

    I do think from the Venus Index point that this program will give women ideal body measurement but it wont be in comparasion to VS models.

    @ Kelly

    I agree the models to look nice and hot but I like a little more weight. They are too skinny and a combination of some muscle and a little “FAT” would be nice. I don’t think women should be ripped but rather have a nice body with a soft look.


  • Kelly,
    I agree about muscle. I don’t necessarily think that all women should limit themselves to weights under 5lbs like Justin recommends for the models. Used strategically, the weights can help build a better toned body.

    Models certainly have some really bad habits when they’re trying to prep for a show. As I mention though, I think Justin Gelband’s recommendations are actually somewhat reasonable. He is generally training women for the long, slender look vs. perfect hourglass shape that the Venus Index recommends, but from my reading, he’s not promoting the unhealthy practices that you generally hear about models.


  • Dave,

    I think most women strive for a lean look (maybe not necessarily VS model, but something comparable), although it may seem unattainable. It’s great that Justin Gelband’s tactics are designed to help them achieve this look in a reasonable manner without resorting to unhealthy practices. These are tips that the average woman can benefit from.


  • Interesting to learn about the different fitness goals of a VS model.



  • Alykhan,
    I was surprised at the lack of over the top diet and exercise antics incorporated in his models workouts. Normally celebrity and model workouts seem to be filled with a lot of terrible tips.

    Glad you enjoyed.


  • Good post Dave,

    Nice to see the VS girls workout. I know a lot of girls will feel better for knowing that the models have to work at it too.

    I will definitely be recommending the Venus Index to ladies I know. Its good to see a program for women that takes a proactive approach to getting the shape they are after.


  • Andrea,
    You are correct and that’s why I chose to write a post about the blood type diet. It seems to work well for the models.

  • Hi Dave

    I think when it comes to models the major difference in them looking great is mindset. Yes most have great body shapes and are blessed with great genetics (hence they are models) but the big difference between them and say your normal (for want of a better word) person is that they are totally focused. This is because they have to be be or they don’t work. If your looks were how you make money and have a career I bet every reader on this site would be in fantastic shape. Having that pressure to stay looking hot all the time means not eating crap, exercising regularly and moderating your lifestyle which results in a great looking body and healthy appearance. I think training models must be one of the easiest (and the best)jobs in the world because so long as you take a sensible and healthy approach your clients are always going to look amazing. Now while I sit and contemplate that thought here is a link to see some of these girls in action.


    Got to say they all look great

    Thanks for the post



  • Howard,
    Excellent point about the focus required to be a model. It’s the same concept that I wrote about in my Hollywood workout post whereby these people are paid to look their best. Being fully dedicated to the worst workout and diet is better than putting in a low effort with the best workout routine and diet. Personally, I prefer to stay reasonably lean and healthy while maintaining my lifestyle. Nice video…I was waiting for a clip of this year’s show!

  • Melissa:

    I agree that having a little muscle makes the body look more attractive. I have a model shoot 3 weeks from now and was asked to drop 10 lbs putting me at 112 lbs 5’6. I was also asked to lose muscle on my legs? I really dont know how to do that? Its really hard to deal with the criticism we face with from the industry!

  • Melissa,
    I certainly don’t envy you. 112lbs at 5’6″ is really thin. No one should be asked to purposely lose muscle…even the thought of spot reducing fat is mythical. Honestly, the only way I can think of purposing losing leg muscle is by overtraining. In other words, start running marathons. It’s a ridiculous concept though in my opinion. I wish you the best of luck in what is obviously a challenging endeavor.

  • melissa:

    My goal is to look slimmer on my chest and legs…because they make me look bigger than I am. Btw how can overtraining make you lose muscle? overtraining with cardio or weights makes you lose muscle? Sorry if this is a goofy question..Thanx

  • Melissa,
    In short, the process of building muscle actually requires small micro tears. Your body needs time to heal those tears to increase muscle. By working out too intensely or too long (overtraining), you don’t give your body adequate time to repair those tears. Additionally you risk injury and a multitude of other health problems. So overtraining is something you definitely want to avoid.

    Just my personal opinion, but for slimmer legs, I’d recommend performing a HIIT workout routine 3 times per week. I don’t even do strength training for legs any more. HIIT gives them ample muscle without making them bulky. Here’s how I perform HIIT:
    In addition, you could do some yoga or pilates exercises.

    A slimmer chest is tougher (I often train for bigger shoulders and chest). My thought there is to avoid training your chest muscles to fatigue. When you perform high rep training and exhaust your muscles, you’re more likely to add mass (this is what bodybuilders do; called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy). Rather, I’d say focus on low rep heavy weight training, always making sure you stop before completing exhausting your muscles (keep one rep in the tank so to speak). This type of training (myofibrillar hypertrophy) will help you tighten up your muscles. Here’s my post on the difference:

    Hope that helps…let me know if you have any more questions too. There certainly aren’t any goofy questions!


  • Melissa:

    Thank you for helping me!

    So I have been doing HIIT 3x a week, and doing steady cardio the rest of the other 4 days (20 min). I focus on abs and glutes with weights ex: ( like butt blaster and the reverse ab crunches) Am I on the right track?

  • Melissa,
    Sounds like a good plan. A few tweaks that I might recommend depending on how much time you have/want to exercise:

    You can increase the effectiveness of steady state cardio by performing it after HIIT. In other words, I think you’ll get more out of doing 20 min of HIIT followed by 20 min steady state 3x per week and resting the other 4 days vs. your current approach.

    Depending on how much you want to lift weights, you might want to incorporate compound exercises that work multiple muscles. You could consider something like circuit training where you add in an additional fat burning / cardiovascular component as well.

    Crunches are one of the worst abdominal exercises around. Again, remember the myth of spot reduction. In my opinion, plank exercises will strengthen your abs and improve your overall core better than almost any other ab exercise.

    I can point you to my blog posts that discuss any of the above if you’d like.


  • melissa:

    Wow thanks so much!

    I actually have been reading all the posts that apply to what I was asking! Its so much info so I printed them out…(when i forget lol) Thanx a bunch again!

  • Melissa,
    I know it’s a lot of info! Feel free to keep asking questions. I’d be happy to email you as well since my comments in this thread always end up being so long! Also, keep your eye out for a post next week that I’ll be doing on a new women’s workout routine and diet plan designed to help you get “the slim feminine physique.”

  • Haley Marie:

    WOW! So I actually took alot from the comments and posts in this rticle! Everything is fantastic! I am an aspiring model and ultimately would LOVE to end up in VS, but then again what girl wouldnt, right? I completely agree with Howard when he says its about your focus! It’s amazing the changes ive seen in my body with the right focus! I’m still not “VS perfect” but I WILL get there!! I’m a pretty determined girl and so needless to see when the agency I am currently working with told me I needed to loose weight and they didnt think I could do it, I am happy to say that I’ve done pretty good in proving them wrong so far, lets hope it continues! Im currently 5’11 and roughly 130lbs! TONS of cardio and core are always a major part of my work outs but I still have just a few more inches in my waist until I am the “perfect VS size” so any input as to what I can do to achieve the rest of my results would be GREATLY appreicated!!! Thanks ya’ll
    -Haley Marie

  • Haley Marie,
    I love when someone steps up to a challenge and succeeds. You used someone else’s doubt to motivate you and proved them wrong. Awesome job! With that attitude, I’m sure you’ll achieve your dreams…whether it’s being the perfect VS size or actually being in the catalog. It sounds like you have a pretty good routine already. I’m sure you put a big focus on your diet already as well. One question, do you include any high intensity training or do you just perform a lot of steady state cardio on the treadmill combined with core work? HIIT or other intense activities can be a great way to ramp up fat loss.
    Good luck!

  • Haley Marie:

    Thank you so much, I really appreicate that! It’s definitely a fantastic feeling and also a great feeling when you have people pushing you in a positive aspect, so again, thank you very much! And yes my diet is EXTREMELY STRICT! As a matter of fact I’m on a huge “vegging out” process right now trying to shed these last few inches for a shoot or my possibility of flying to LA for ANTM! And really just cardio, like long distance running (approximately three miles) on the treadmill and then some on the elliptical as well! But I do core work just about everyday that I am in the gym as well!! Just looking for a few extra things to hopefully speed up the process! Thanks,
    Haley Marie

  • Haley Marie,

    At your height/weight, I’m sure there isn’t much left to lose! Here is my main recommendation though:

    2-3 days per week, do HIIT followed by a jog. The premise behind HIIT is that you sprint as fast as you can for 15-30 seconds, then walk/jog for 30-60 seconds, and repeat the process 5-10 times. After that, I’d recommend a nice jog. I describe this in more detail here:

    On alternate days you could consider doing some intense exercise for your upper body like boxing or bodyweight circuits. If you go that route, make sure to avoid any leg training outside of your cardio routine though.

    Finally, it sounds like your diet is under control, but I’m also a big fan of intermittent fasting. Daily fasting where you skip one meal can go a long way toward eliminating stubborn body fat. It’s obviously not for everyone but what you try to do is go without food for 16 hours and then eat normally within an 8 hour window. I describe that here:

    Sounds like you have a great opportunity in front of you. I wish you all the best with the photo shoot. I’ll hopefully see you on ANTM as well! In the meantime, let me know if I can offer any other tips or clarify some of the recommendations above.


  • melissa:

    I have been doing 40 min cardio (HIIT/Steady) 3x a week, but I want to do some other sort of cardio the other 3 days and rest one day. I wanted to ask how I could go about that? Does my dance classes count as cardio (latin & belly dancing)(its 30 min each). Also I do HIIT on the elliptical with resistance ranging from 6-8. I was wondering would that impact my legs looking bulky? How much resistance is safe on the elliptical? Also on my treadmill I putt the incline to 2.5 when i am performing HITT ( 5.0 steady to 6.7 sprints. Am I doing anything wrong? Because I noticed the perkiness in my butt dropped and my legs are looking bulkier (egghhh). Maybe its my diet?? I am a vegetarian but i do consume dairy and occasionally eggs. Thanks for any help!

  • Melissa,
    HIIT/steady 3 times a week is great. I wouldn’t recommend anything too intense for your legs the other days. Dance classes, fast paced walks, bike rides or other low impact activities might be best. The alternative is to perform some type of upper body HIIT routine like boxing.

    The added resistance might be causing some increase in bulk. The incline on the treadmill could have the same impact. If possible, I’d lower the distance but increase the speed you go. Obviously any gain in bulk could also be linked to your diet as well.

    The other possibility is that your standards are getting tougher and tougher. Sometimes we deceive ourselves into thinking our body composition has changed when we look in the mirror but it really hasn’t. That’s when the measuring tape and scale to a lesser extent come in handy.

    Either way, give HIIT a try without the added resistance and focus on runner faster without the incline.


  • Stephanie:

    Justin is now doing training workshops – his first one will be in Vegas in June! http://justingelbandtraining.com/training-workshops/

  • Stephanie,
    Thanks for the info!

  • Dave,

    I really want to be a model. Im ready to put in the hard work i just need a little direction and help on my diet and my workout plan. My problem is I used to play basketball and now i have lots of muscle that is making me look bigger not fat necessarily but just thicker. I am 5’6 and weigh 140 lbs. and i know that is the weight I shouldnt be at. So i was wondering if you could give me some pointers(the food i should be eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner ; the things to look for on labels when buying food ; and a general workout) Any help is very much appreciated!!! Thanks so much!

  • Ashley,
    I’m happy to provide any diet and exercise tips I can to help you achieve your goal. One upfront caveat, I don’t know much about the modeling industry but from what I’ve heard, it’s very cutthroat and can unfortunately lead to some unhealthy habits. In my opinion, a lot of runway models are far too thin relative to their height. There are obviously options beyond the runway though. With that aside, here are a few starting points.

    First, what is your target weight? If you’re already pretty low in body fat, then it might be tough to even lose 10lbs. You could purposely try to lose muscle if you’re really focused on a particular target weight, but I’d generally recommend starting by focusing on fat loss. Your target weight is important because it will help you determine how many calories you should be eating. Let’s say you want to weigh 130lbs. I’d recommend targeting 1,300 calories per day (10 times your target weight).

    Also, my philosophy is that it doesn’t matter what you eat, it’s all about how much you eat. However, what you eat can influence how much you eat. With a limited number of calories, you probably don’t want to waste them on sugar or trans fat. I’d try to include protein at each meal with a goal of 0.6-0.7 grams of protein per lb of weight per day…somewhere around 75-100g per day would help you maintain muscle. If you don’t care about muscle, you could reduce this. I’d recommend most carbs come in the form of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. These tend to have more fiber which fills you up. Fat is not a big concern one way or another…the only downside is that more fat means more calories.

    For a general workout, I’d recommend a HIIT routine 2-3 times per week supplemented with strength training 3-4 times per week. The key to strength training is to perform low reps with heavy weights and avoid muscle fatigue. Fatigue is what leads to the big, bulky look. Also, no leg training. HIIT will help your legs look nice and toned.

    So that’s a starting point. My free e-books at the top of the page go into some more detail on my philosophy. However, I’m happy to delve further into any of these topics through comments or email if you would rather have a private conversation.

    The last thing I’d leave you with is that weight loss does not happen overnight. It’s a long and challenging process but if you’re consistent, you will achieve your goals in time.


  • Thank you so much for all the info! I had another question also, what is the best way to give your core a good workout? I hear changing things on that all time. I have always done crunches but never see a change, so what do you recommend?

  • Ashley,
    I am not a big fan of crunches. The first thing you have to accept is that you can’t spot reduce fat. No amount of core work will change that. I’m going to take the lazy approach and refer you to 2 posts that I’ve written on core training:

    Most Effective Ab Exercises: http://www.notyouraveragefitnesstips.com/six-pack-abs/most-effective-ab-exercises-best-ab-workout-for-men-women

    Best Core Exercises: http://www.notyouraveragefitnesstips.com/six-pack-abs/best-core-exercises-for-men-women

    Hope that helps!

  • Kinga:

    Hello Dave,

    I’m around 5ft 6 I really need to grown to 5ft 9 if I want to become a model. Do you have any ideas on how I can increase my growth? Also, I would want to make my belly toned? Please help!!!

    Thanks, Kinga

  • Kinga,
    I don’t know that there is a real fool proof way to grow taller once you’ve reached a certain age. If I had to recommend something, I’d say do a lot of stretching exercises, eat really well to get vitamins and minerals, and exercise intensely to release HGH (human growth hormone). Sleep can also help increase HGH levels so get in a full 7-8 hours. Good posture is important as well as you can appear deceptively taller. Ultimately though, there’s only a maximum genetic potential you can reach and you may already be there.

    As for belly toning, focus on losing body fat through intense exercise and do planks, not crunches.


  • Sorry it took so long to get back to you dave. Thank you so much for all your help. I also wanted to ask should i take any diet pill to jump start my weight loss and if so which one? Thanks,

  • Ashley,
    I’ll be writing a post about supplements within the next month. In the meantime, here are a few quick recommendations:

    1. I don’t think supplements are truly necessary. They might provide a little boost but you’ll get a lot more bang from your diet and exercise program. If you can afford them, they don’t hurt…correction, the right ones don’t hurt; the wrong ones can have serious side effects (no ephedrine please!).

    2. Supplements can be useful if you’re down to the last 5-10 stubborn pounds. Evaluating their effectiveness is challenging. I use the ones from people that I trust.

    3. I use BCAAs whenI do fasted training. These help prevent muscle loss. My favorite brand is Xtend (mixes with water). You can also get these in pill form.

    4. PAGG is a supplement discussed by Tim Ferriss in the 4 Hour Body. It has a lot of merit but comes at a pretty hefty price. I’m just using this selectively to see if it makes a big difference. If you use the coupon code TELLYOURFRIEND by June 27, you can get $10 off.

    5. I also started using Prograde Metabolism a few weeks ago. I was cautious because I’m not much of a caffeine person but really like the other ingredients (and caffeine is great for weight loss). I’ll go into more details in the post, but I take it 4-5 times per week when I exercise in the morning.

    6. Finally for general nutrition purposes I take a multi-vitamin and essential fatty acid from Prograde.

    Hope that provides a good start. Also, don’t worry about taking a long time to get back to me. I’m here to (try to) help you!


  • melissa:

    Thank you for all your great advice! I realized I was adding too much resistance on the elliptical. My only concern is if I put the resistance down will it impact my glute size? I really want a more rounder butt! Also talking about glutes …how can I increase the size of my glute muscles w/o increasing my leg size? Thanks Melissa

  • Melissa,
    I think the natural toning of HIIT helps create a great leg/butt combination. However, if you want your glutes to remain the same size while shrinking the size of your legs, that’s a challenge! My suggestion would be to lower the resistance on HIIT and watch your diet so you get leaner legs. Prior to your HIIT workout, you could incorporate some exercises that focus more on isolating your glutes like hip extensions, lying butt bridges, or glute kickbacks. Ultimately this should result in some fatigue for your glutes and some targeted muscle building. The one caveat is that if you have fat covering your glutes, that will naturally be reduced from HIIT. Hopefully the added muscle offsets any loss of size related to fat loss. Best of luck!

  • melissa:

    I will def give it a try! Does it make a difference to do the fatigue excercises after cardio? Also how many sets and reps should i do per week? Also will my inner thighs and lower back get more of a definition from the glutes excercises I could say I am intermediate level. Also do you think squats are out of the question?

  • Melissa,
    You could do the fatigue exercises before or after. I usually do any form of weight training before cardio because of the potential injury risk. Generally speaking, if your legs get tired, it’s easier to just stop running than it is to safely drop a weight.

    To create some nice fatigue, training in the 12-15 rep range is what I would recommend. For cumulative fatigue, you could do 3-5 sets. If you really want to get advanced, you could increase the weight while decreasing by 1-2 reps each set.

    The exercises I mentioned put more of a focus on glutes but there may be some incremental effect on your thighs and back. I wouldn’t expect too much though. There are other exercises that more effectively target those areas.

    Squats aren’t out of the question but they’re a compound exercise that works the full lower body. Once you start involving quads and hamstrings, then you may see some overall increase in the size of your legs. If you like squats, I’d train relatively light and definitely avoid fatiguing your muscles. Personally, I left the squat bar behind a long time ago and do plyometrics like squat jumps instead. They keep my legs strong without building excess mass.

    In the end, you’ll just have to pick a strategy and experiment. Try it for 4-8 weeks and decide if you like the results. The great thing is that you can always try something else.

    Let me know how it all goes!

  • Harper:

    Hi Dave, my name is Harper. I used to be anorexic when i was around 15 to 16 years old which affected my growth. I am 17 and recovered and i do take up some sports, however, my skin and muscles are loose and not tight. I tried running on treadmills for 45 minutes 5 times a week but i see no results. I hoped to looked toned and lean. Is there anything i can do? I have more fat on my back and stomach while my arms and upper body looked thin without any breasts.. I am 5″ 3, 99 lbs. If you could, i hope you could reply to my email?

  • Harper,
    Sorry to hear about your prior eating disorder. I hope you’ve put that behind you and realize the importance of a healthy diet and exercise program. I will send you a separate email tonight to discuss some alternatives.

  • Harper:

    Thanks Dave, i received your email, i will respond to you on there shortly.

  • Harper,
    I’ll keep an eye out for your email. If you’ve already sent, please try sending again as I didn’t see anything in my inbox.

  • melissa:

    Hey Dave,

    Wanted to thank you for all the awesome advice! I got rid of the minor cellulite under my buttocks and toned my buttocks alot more! I did this by doing the workouts above to the full last rep with a no refined sugar diet. Just a question I noticed all diets or health tips out there suggest to eat dinner early, but what about if someone works the night shift or the swing shift? I usually start my day at 1 p.m. and dont get to bed till 4 or 5 a.m. so how would i know when to stop eating? I dont like skipping meals but i also dont force myself to eat when i am not hungry. I must admit I have a little belly fat and wouldnt mind losing it. Any help is appreciated!

  • Melissa,
    Congrats on toning up your body. As for your question about meal timing, I’ve actually written a post about why I think how often you eat isn’t really critical…as long as it doesn’t affect your sleep or result in snacking.


    Honestly, belly fat is a pain since it’s so stubborn! It’ll take some time to lose it but keep up the hard work and you’ll get there. Also, you have the added challenge of working late hours…I hope you still manage to get 6-8 hours of sleep during the day since that is another critical component of weight loss.

    After you read the post, let me know if I can help any further. Great to hear things have gone so well.

  • Toni:

    Is it weird to say that I wouldn’t want to look like these models? They are scary skinny IMO and don’t really look all that strong to me. I would probably inadvertently injury them just by simply tugging on their forearm. I realize that for purposes of modeling intimate apparel their specific body type does work but these girls appear to me to be all of 22. I’d love to see them at 40 after having had a couple of kids. This type of body is just not possible for the average woman. Even if you follow the diet to the letter, genetics plays a huge part in how you lose weight and build muscle. I don’t know but I’d rather be more fit-looking than these models. But men seem to like it, I guess.

  • Toni,
    Some models are definitely too thin. I actually think Victoria Secret models still maintain some shape while being thin. It is obviously more challenging to maintain such a physique as they age but Heidi Klum still looks fantastic in my opinion. Some of it will come down to how much time you have to exercise and focus on diet as well.

  • Courtney:

    hi I was curious about what the victorias secret modeling requirements are, weight, bmi, height, bust, and hip measurements. Also i am curious about requirments to compete in miss america and how to become a victorias secret model

  • Courtney,
    I’m not an expert in this area but the first thing you’ll need is a good modeling agency (Ford Models and Elite Model Management have most of the Victoria Secret models). I don’t think there are specific requirements aside from being in fantastic shape and beautiful. Height probably plays a big role and I’m betting you’d have to be taller than 5’8″ without shoes to have a good shot at being a Victoria Secret model. Supposedly the ideal measurements are 34-24-34. Here’s more info on being a model: http://www.newmodels.com/

    As for Miss America, I don’t think they put any restrictions on appearance. I’m sure it’s a factor but I don’t think there are strict requirements. Here’s info on becoming a contestant: http://www.missamerica.org/competition-info/become-a-contestant.aspx

    It’s a difficult path so I wish you the best of luck if you decide to pursue these options.

  • courtney:

    how many inches is the average womans shoulders across?

  • Courtney,
    Shoulder width will vary considerable based on your height and frame. Not sure what the overall average is.

  • pari:

    Hi Dave,
    I’m training to become a model. Currently I’m 140 pounds and 5’10..I’m hoping to get to the 125-130 mark. Someone suggested weight training along with zumba and yoga.I prefer the lean but not loose look and although I have heard that weight training can boost fat loss, I’m afraid to look bulkier than leaner. What do you suggest? Until now I have been doing dance and yoga daily.
    Thank you so much!

  • Pari,
    Yoga is great for overall lengthening and dance is an excellent form of fat burning cardio. Strength training can help you tone and tighten your muscles. You just have to do it the right way. Don’t fall into the trap of lifting light weights for high reps until you muscles fail. You can get great definition by lifting heavier weights for low reps but making sure you avoid failure. If you want a specific routine, I’d recommend checking out Visual Impact for Women. Here’s a post I did on that:


    If you want some more tips on why I think heavy lifting works best for both men and women, you can read these posts:



    Hopefully that provides a good starting point. Feel free to ask any other questions as you begin your routine.


  • Oh it’s nice to see the workout routine that Victoria Secret Girls are using. Thanks for sharing this information. This could help to people who are aiming to have wonderful body figures like VS models. I can refer this product to my parents.

  • Sarah,
    Glad you enjoyed the routine.

  • Very nice workout schedule followed by Victoria Secret models.
    And I totally agree, if you follow the same exercises 45-75 minutes, 3 times a week you will get bored, that’s why changing and offering different training versions is very important!

  • Paul,
    Changing workout routines is very helpful in keeping up motivation and avoiding boredom.

  • Indeed Dave, I can feel it on my own at gym. To be honest, I think it applies to entire life not only for fitness. Doing the same thing every day will finally get you bored.

  • Paul,
    That’s a good point…while routine is important for some people, going through the motions day after day will ultimately lead to some level of boredom in all aspects of life.

  • latexgirl:

    All the models of Victoria’s secret fashion show are super awesome and super sexy. I love to watch this fashion show just because of these lovely models. Recently saw some very interesting pictures of the Victoria’s secret while browsing. World best pictures…

  • Toni:

    I have to say that this way of training with very light weights reminds me of the celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson (she trains Gwyneth Paltrow and Courtney Cox).

    She got slammed by some industry experts saying that her ‘rule’ about not having women train with anything more than a 3-5 lb. weight was ridiculous. And the fact that she has clients working out 6 days a week for two hours daily can lead to overtraining too.

    I can’t even watch the VS shows anymore because I think it kind of perpetuates the whole ‘I have to weigh 100 lbs. to be considered beautiful’ myth that’s been floating around the last dozen years or so. I’m sorry if I sound like a wet blanket but I would never want to be with a man who actually expected me to look like these beanpoles (sorry!). Thankfully, my spouse is realistic in his views on what real women actually do look like.

    I also think they are a poor representation of women overall b/c the average American woman is a size 12. I doubt any of these women are above a size 2 or 4 IMO. It’s funny how someone like Marilyn Monroe was considered a sex symbol back in the 1950s and she was a size 12; by today’s standards some would consider that big.

    I really did like the article but the content frustrates me beyond belief.

  • Toni,
    You bring up a lot of good points. Some people view a VS model as an ideal body to shoot for; others think they’re too thin. I’d also agree with your view on light weights…I think women are much better off doing low rep, heavy weight training to build up some strength. To each their own though.

  • Hey Dave,

    You’ve done a great job with this article, and with your followup comments. I’m new to HIIT, but will check out your articles linked above.

    Ultimately, “sexy sells” so if nothing else, the VSM program will likely do well at least initially because of that alone. Hopefully it will be something that will really help some women to attain a healthy weight and body.

    I’m not sure I believe there is a “one size fits all” when it comes to exercise. That’s one reason why I love Yoga – there are several Yoga programs/styles and it’s likely virtually everyone can find a yoga program that will work for them.

    We’re all different, and although a good exercise program may work for many, I think it’s always best for people to work with someone to personalize their workout when possible.

  • Kate,
    I couldn’t agree more with you on the lack of a one size fits all approach. Personally, I’ve gathered tips from dozens of routines (both diet and exercise) and come up with what works best for me. I’ve never given yoga a shot although I think it might be something that I use to improve my flexibility in the future. Also, if you’re interested, you can read more about HIIT and my other thoughts on cardio under best fitness tips:

  • Good advice to focus on diet … that’s really where it’s at for getting lean and slim. The weight lifting is basically just to make sure you’re burning fat and not muscle.

  • Kevin,
    I agree that diet is the key place to start but I wouldn’t underestimate the value of some HIIT and steady state cardio either. You’re spot on about weight training; that’s just to tighten and tone your body by ensuring you’re burning fat and not muscle.

  • Kaitlyn:

    Hi Dave,
    I´d love to get that type of body, but i´m not exactly sure how. I am 5´7¨ at 118lbs with body measurments at 32-23-36. So, I just need smaller hips. Any ideas on how to do so?

  • Kaitlyn
    At your height and weight, I’m guessing you don’t have much fat hanging around your hips. If that’s the case, then your hips might be as small as they can get. If you do have a little extra fat hanging around your hips, you can’t spot reduce it, but you could try HIIT or some other forms of intense exercise. I wouldn’t recommend too much though because you are already pretty thin. Just my thoughts though.

  • Kaitlyn:

    welll… what exactly is HIIT?

  • Kaitlyn,
    Sorry about that! Here’s an article on HIIT:


    You perform very intense intervals for a short period of time followed by recovery intervals. It results in a nice afterburn effect where you continue to burn fat after your workout it complete. Let me know if you have any questions after reading the article.


  • courtney:

    i have a friend who cant lose wait she is 5 foot 6 and weighs 170 pounds. she has fat on her shoulders stomach and chin but has no fat on her legs and just a bit on her thighs is she fat?

  • Courtney,
    At 5’6″ and 170lbs, I’d say your friend could lose some weight but it’s hard to be sure without knowing how much body fat she has. Everyone carries their weight differently. Unfortunately you can’t spot reduce fat so if she does want to lose weight, she’ll have to focus on a fat burning workout routine and diet plan. Some upper body strength training would probably help tone her muscles as well.

  • courtney:

    how can i get thinner thighs and legs?

  • Courtney,
    For thinner thighs and legs, I’d recommend a HIIT workout routine. Here’s an article I wrote explaining the basics:


    In general, it’s probably best to avoid any weight training for your legs if you’re trying to get them thinner which is why I recommend HIIT. Weight training will lead to muscle gain making your legs thicker.

    Let me know if you have other questions.

  • Raven:

    im 5’6, 147 lbs, and, BMI of 23, and I have a slight muscular build. I have a lot of fat in my stomach. I have some in my arms and thighs as well. Im starting to gain weight in my face and neck. In february I was 8 stone but then I started running track (im in high school track team) and my event was shot put. My coach told me to eat a lot of carbs and weight lift (he was trying to make get the “shot put build”), I gained almost 20 pounds in 2 month. I really want to get rid of it, I want to be about 116. How fast do you think I can lose that weight? Do you think I can lose it by christmas? Also, can help me with my diet plan and workout plan? I havent been able to lose the weight because I dont know what Im supposed to eat and how much of it I should be eating or what exercises I should be doing. I dont want to gain any more muscle I already have A LOT of muscle.

  • Raven,
    2 months isn’t a ton of time to lose 20-30lbs. It can be done with some extreme approaches but I always recommend taking things slower and trying to lose closer to a pound per week rather than 2-3lbs. As for a specific plan, I outline some of my best tips here:


    You can also download my free e-books.

    Here are a few starting points. For diet, I’d shoot for 10x your target weight in calories. So if you want to get to 130lbs in the near term, try to eat 1,300 calories per day. It’s very challenging and should probably only be done for 4-6 weeks, but will help you lose weight relatively quickly. Try to limit refined sugar since that can cause all sorts of problems. Much better to focus on lean meats, fruits, veggies, and other healthy carbs and fats.

    For a workout, I recommend 2-3 days of HIIT. See below:


    In addition, I think 2-4 days of strength training is important. The best way to get toned, defined muscles is with low rep, heavy weight training. Compound exercises like pushups, pullups, inverted rows, dips, bench press, and shoulder press give you the most bang for your buck. I’d avoid leg training with weights since HIIT will give you a nice slender look. If you want to burn some more fat, you could follow an upper body strength training workout with boxing or circuit training.

    You can always add in low intensity steady state cardio if you’d like to burn more calories.

    Hope that provides a decent starting point. Feel free to read through some of the articles I’ve done and ask any follow-up questions. Just don’t rush things, especially at your age. You’re really not that far away from being in really good shape and I’m confident you’ll get there in time.


  • Becky:

    Hi there,

    I’m trying to recover from anorexia by regularly eating small healthy portions (such as dried fruits, nuts and white fish) and exercising in a bid to make my body stronger. I’ve joined the local gym but don’t know where to start; I did 20 mins on the elliptical machine, 10 mins on the rowing machine then 3 sets of reps on the hamstring machine and the “arm” machine (apologies for being so vague). I weigh around 93 lbs at 5 foot 3 inches and want it to stay that way, but to remain eating. Is this unrealistic, or possible if I am focused?
    My goal is not to bulk up but to get toned, especially on my stomach and lower bum, as I have a lot of loose skin and fat, and very little muscle. What would you recommend?

    I’m also having difficulty digesting the food I’m eating as I’m not used to keeping it down. I’m determined to get better however and would appreciate any advice. Thanks!


  • Becky,
    Sorry to hear about your struggle with anorexia…glad to hear you’re recovering! I’m happy to offer some advice but in a case like yours, I would recommend talking to your doctor as well.

    The first thing you can probably do is up your calories a bit to restart your metabolism. Shoot for 1,500 per day and adjust from there. Small meals are probably a good way to start for you to get your body back to normal. I can’t offer much in the way of keeping food down…hopefully that will return in time.

    Exercising is great and I recommend a combination of cardio and strength training. For cardio, I recommend HIIT:


    While it’s great for fat loss, it’s also great for getting nicely toned legs. I would actually avoid weight training for legs since it tends to make them bulkier. However, for your arms, I think the best thing is heavy weight, low rep training. So pick a weight you can lift for 3-5 reps. Don’t train to failure. Try to increase every few sessions. Compound exercises like shoulder press and bench press tend to work the best. That will help you get nicely toned arms.

    Finally, for abs, I recommend planks:


    You can do some more advanced exercises, but it’s probably not necessary at this stage:


    Your biggest challenge will probably be finding a balance between exercising enough to get stronger and eating enough to maintain or increase your weight. Let me know if I can offer any more tips.


  • CJ:

    Hi Dave,

    It sounds like you really know your stuff. I’m curious to know if you have a solution for me. I am 5″3′, 135lbs, with a gymnast-type figure. I’ve competed in figure competitions for 4 years. I’d like to maintain my muscle mass in my upper body, yet slim down my legs. My legs are very muscular, like a sprinter. I fit in a size 2 or 4 in women’s clothing, but the leg area is always a little snug while the waist area fits fine.
    I haven’t lifted any weights with my legs in 3 months. They have reduced in size, somewhat. Do you have any recommendations on how to reduce the size of my legs?

  • sachiko:

    hi…. I’m having a problem with my weight actually.. im just 5’1″ in height and weight about 190 lbs. what the best way to have that ideally weight… about a 125lbs

    thanks a lot

  • CJ,
    You bring up a very common problem for a lot of women…legs that get too bulky from weight training. Your solution is a good one…just stop training your legs with weights. The weights result in too much mass gain. If you want to lose more mass on purpose, the recommendation is a little unorthodox. Start doing marathon style cardio for 45-60 minutes per day where you run at a consistent medium-fast pace. Ideally, don’t eat for a 3-4 hours before and 1-2 hours after. This type of training will cause you to lose fat and muscle. Definitely not something to keep up long term, but you can do it for 2-3 months and see what happens. For a longer term approach, I’d recommend a HIIT workout. That really leads to tight, toned legs that aren’t bulky.

    Here’s more on HIIT if you’re interested:

    Let me know if I can help further.

  • Sachiko,
    You’ll have to focus on both diet and exercise to reduce your weight. It will take time to lose 65lbs so be patient. As a starting point, perhaps you could read through my Best Fitness Tips section to get some of my recommendations:


    After that, I can try to help you craft something that might fit with your goals and lifestyle.

  • courtney:

    what is a plan i can follow in order to get a sexy victorias secret body in six months and lose about seventy pounds?

  • Courtney,
    70lbs is a lot to lose in 6 months, at least in my opinion since I believe in a slower, more gradual approach. To get there, you’ll need both diet and exercise. I’d try to eat between 10-12x your target weight in calories. That’s going to be tough to do consistently over 6 months so you might want to cycle through periods of eating 10x your weight and then a more normal 15x your weight. My opinion is to stick with healthy foods like lean meats, veggies, and fruit and try to limit sugar. However, a cheat day every week can provide some much needed relief.

    For exercise, I believe in a combination of weight training and cardio. 3 days of each would be helpful. Focus on upper body strength training one day and cardio the next day. Strength training should be done with heavy weights and low reps. Throw in some circuit training exercises to finish the workout. Cardio is all about high intensity interval training (HIIT).

    That’s the best advice I can give as a starting point. The important thing is to just be consistent. Let me know if you need help along the way.


  • Kait:

    I’m 15 years old, 5′ 3″ and 120 lbs. my legs are pretty muscular and I’d like to make them lean and thinner like VS models. Do you think this workout would work for me considering I’m still growing and all?

  • Kait,
    If you want to get lean and thin legs, then I’d try a HIIT routine.


    You could throw in some yoga/pilates for lengthening as well. Don’t push too hard since you are still growing, but exercise should be a part of everyone’s life, young or old.

    If you want a more advanced routine, you could check out Visual Impact for Women.


  • Pari:

    Hi Dave,

    I have been following your advice and lost 10 pounds:)
    I followed your HIIT routine mostly but I have a pressing concern. I used a treadmill for HIIT mostly but switched to an elliptical, since my knees started to hurt.
    For the 15 sec “sprint”on the elliptical, I try to pedal as fast as I can can at max resistance(20) and bring it down to a 1/medium effort for the 45 second interval.
    During the 25 min steady state pedalling, I maintain at 1.
    And the last set of 1:1 intervals, I go between resistance 20/max. effort and resistance 1/medium effort.
    Since I am going out of the country and this will be the only machine available to me, is this a good alternative to the treadmill?
    After a few days of this routine, I have noticed perkiness in my behind but I dont want that at the cost of bulky legs. I am certainly going for a leaner look in the thigh and belly region.
    PS: As soon as I come back I have an event that I am trying to get in shape for. That is in about 5 weeks. Do you have any other tips, including IF if it can impact me in this short span of time?

    I have learnt so much from your website and I sincerely appreciate you getting back to each and everyone one of us here:)
    Thank you!

  • Pari,
    Congrats on the great weight loss results! The elliptical is a perfectly good substitute for the treadmill. Just make sure you get that heart rate going during the intense portions. One other caveat…if you have to increase the resistance to get an intense workout, there is a chance you’ll gain some mass in your legs. Ideally, you’d keep the resistance at the same level and just run as fast as you can.

    As for an event, have you already read my beach body book?

    I’m happy to email you a copy if you’re not on Facebook. After you check that out, I’m happy to help out with a short term diet and exercise plan.


  • Toni:

    These models are perfect examples of the fact that as a woman (don’t know about men) you *have* to get below 20% body fat to have a *really* flat stomach. If you’re above 20%, your stomach still has a rounded-look to it, at least that’s how it was for me.

    Also, they bring to light the fact that one can have a flat stomach with not much definition due to lack of training that area. I don’t particularly think *most* women look good like this but the one exception would be Kim Kardashian as her lack of visible abdominal definition looks fine because she’s pretty curvy everywhere else. Obviously, for modeling though, pretty defined abs might look out of place in a Victoria Secret runway show.

  • Toni,
    You’re probably right about the 20% body fat comment. It’s the same for men around 10% body fat. There are always exceptions, but those are the general limits on getting a flat stomach.

  • Julia:

    Hi Dave, I’m a model at 15 with the measurements of 34-26-37..im supposed to be losing weight and was just wondering if dancing, yoga 3x a week and eating healthy will get me to the average model’s measurements soon? Thanks!

  • Julia,
    It’s hard for me to give advice to someone so young who appears to be in very good shape already. However, I would say that dancing, yoga, and eating well should help you achieve your goals. I assume the dancing is uptempo or reasonably intense? You could also consider strength training to help tone your muscles. If you do decide to use weights, avoid training your muscles to failure and instead focus on using relatively heavy weights for 3-5 reps. Best or luck!

  • Shay:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for all the tips! I’ve always been naturally slim but I’ve recently decided to start working out. My work-out consists of mainly cardio.

    That being said, I would like to sculpt the area around my hip bones. I’ve got quite high hip bones but I’d like to accentuate that. How can I do that? Do you know of any exercice(s) I can do?

    FYI I’m 5’6 and I weigh 127lbs.

    Thanks so much!

  • Shay,
    I can’t really think of anything too specific for hip bones since they’re obviously part of your bone structure. Obviously losing any excess fat will accentuate them. So focus on HIIT cardio, a clean diet, and strength training, and that should help. You could also try side planks which help improve your obliques and might help show off your hip bones a little more.

  • kristin:

    Thanks for this article, Dave! I’m looking to get than fit, toned, slim look. I played sports and ran cross-country growing up but in the last 3-4 years I’m gained some unwanted flab and fat due to poor eating habits, desk job, and less exercising.

    Starting today I’m going to start incorporating several of your tips, including the HIIT workouts, the 2-day split routine, planks, and the 10x calorie diet plan. I’m 5’4 and hoping to get down to 110-113lbs. Right now I weight 124.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do more posts like this that focus on women :)

  • Shay:

    Thanks, Dave! I’ll try that.

  • Kristin,
    Thank you for all the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Frankly, you summed up my favorite training approach for women in one paragraph! I am planning on doing some more posts in the future though, especially as my wife is finishing up Visual Impact for Women. If you need any other guidance as you begin your workout, please let me know. Sounds like you’re at a great starting point and know what to do!

  • Chantal:

    my name is Chantal I am 5’5 and I have gained 8 Kilos and would like to lose it by losing 1 to 2 kilos per week , how can i do that ??? like how many calories do i eat and how much do i excersise ???
    Thank you .

  • Chantal,
    One simplistic method to figure out how many calories to eat is to multiply your weight in pounds times 10. That would help get you to your goal weight pretty quickly. If you multiply weight in lbs times 12, it would be a slower process. For exercise, you can stick with 3-4 hours per week. If you’re really hardcore, feel free to put in more time. I’d do HIIT 2-3 times per week and strength training 2-3 times per week.

  • M.:

    Hi Dave,
    This year I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant and discovered that I was also intolerant to eggs,msg,additives and pork.Aswell as a stressful year,not knowing that these foods were making me sicker resulted in me putting on alot of weight and losing confidence. I am 5″3 so I can have a tendency to look chunkier than others who may be the same weight yet taller. Ideally, I would love to achieve a body like Miranda Kerr but realistically I dont have the height so my current aim is Rachel Bilson the actress as we are of similar height. I was wondering if you could perhaps make me a diet and workout plan so as I can achieve this as I am willing to put in all the work just want some expert guidance. Apologies for the essay :P

  • M,
    Sounds like a challenging year. The good news is that if you can put a lot of the stress behind you, you’ll be on your way to getting in good shape. Stress leads to overeating and elevated cortisol levels which result in fat gain. First, get your diet in check. I’m sure you can identify good vs. bad foods. Stick with lean meats, green veggies and lower quantities of things like fruits and whole grains. Depending on your overall goals and lifestyle, you can incorporate some fun foods into your diet on a weekend cheat day but it’s best to stay disciplined to the extent possible during the week. As for exercise, I’d shoot for 30-45 minutes of HIIT combined with steady state cardio 2-3 days per week and low rep, heavy weight training 2-3 days per week. I can go into plenty more details about everything, but as a starting point, perhaps you could check out my Best Fitness Tips section to read some of my articles on these and other topics:

    Good luck!

  • At first i was always eating bad and eating right when i didn’t feel good which is bad. I started taking my vitamins and eating right and drinking water and now i feel great. i’m skinny i just want to always be healthy and look great! but eating good and looking good i wake up not feeling good is it cause lack of sugar or is eating right and taking vitamins effecting me some how??

  • Unknown:

    So if a girl is already skinny, just get’s a bloated stomach what should she do then?

  • If it’s truly just bloat and not fat, then a chance in diet to avoid salt and certain foods can help. If it’s a problem with being “skinny fat,” it takes a slow approach to burn the stubborn fat involving weight training, cardio, and a very slight caloric deficit.

  • Jacquelyn:

    I really took a lot from this thankyou very much. I really really hate being so damned tall though! I mean it takes so much work to even see a hint of difference. All be it I am naturally lean, it is just really annoying that shorter people see results faster than me even though I burn twice as many calories just by height alone.

  • Sonja:

    Hi Dave, well similar to the other young ladies on this forum I am too an aspiring model… (VS model to be exact). A few of my family members are very good friends with old celebrities, like Julie Newmar (the original catwoman) and they have all inspired me even more to become a model. I am afraid I will be rejected once I am reccomended to an agency by an older casting director that’s been in the business for years. I recently just joined 24 Hour Fitness, and was wondering what would be the best exercises for me on the machines? I am planning on doing the HIIT workout will it be more effective on a circuit training machine or elliptical? I am 5’8 1/2 (trying to stretch myself to become at least 5’9.. maybe I’ll grow some more lol) and about 125-127 lbs. My weight always fluctuates. I want to become more toned but I’m afraid my quads are just a tad bulky. I saw you mentioned over training and losing muscle, exactly how am I able to achieve that?

    Please e-mail me back when you get the chance, I would very much enjoy that. And thank you so much for the advice I have read on this website.

  • Sonja,
    I’ll try to email you tomorrow. Let me know if you’d prefer for me to simply comment here instead.

  • Amy:

    Hi Dave I am 5.8
    feet and weigh 210 lbs and my age is 28 years.Its a shame to weigh this much. However I’m very determined to do my level best and shed this extra weight and look like a Victoria secret model. Please please please……in detail tell me the exercise routine and diet plan that I need to follow to attain that perfect shape. Please also give me the estimated time that will be required to attain my ideal model thin body.

  • Amy,
    It’s hard to layout an exact routine in the comments but start with the free books I offer at the top of the page. It’s going to be a challenging process and you’ll have to be patient. I’d recommend both strength training and cardio for a total of 4-6 hours per week. Start eating a clean diet and avoiding sugar and trans fat as much as possible. Be sure to get plenty of protein. You may want to start slow so that your body can adapt to these changes gradually.

  • Brin:

    Hi there,

    I am a 22 year old model and I compete in several modeling competitions in three weeks! I am also an extremely busy graduating college student so it’s been extremely difficult to train and eat appropriately while at school editing till 3am all the time :/
    Anyway, I am 22, 5’11 and 134lbs — my measurements are 34-25-36.
    I need to really slim my waist, hips and thighs down.
    What kind of routine should I be looking at? I’m wondering if I need to run 5 miles each day, or start cycling?
    Also, I’m thinking about going on a black bean soup binge with added greens … Does this seem like a safe route?

  • Brin,
    The one awful thing about the modeling industry is the extremes people tend to go to. At a minimum, be sure to keep up your protein intake to preserve some muscle. Fiber could help control hunger urges. I wouldn’t cut calories below 1,200 per day since you could hurt your metabolism.

    For exercising, cardio is good for losing weight. A HIIT routine is generally the most effective, time efficient workout. You should do some strength training as well so that you focus on losing fat.


  • Well, Victoria Secret models can be our inspiration in working out. I believe that each individual has different workout and diet needs. One diet plan and exercise can work for someone but can not work for another. This is where a personal trainer can be of good use.

  • This is absolutely true,whether you are a female,you should still workout with intense just like the men do.Women think if they workout like men,they will get huge,but its false!to get a sexy body,you need to work for it!just like men.

  • Cecilia:

    Tons of great advice here! I’m currently 5’8″ and 155lbs. I’ve been in multiple sports throughout high school. I know people say that women, due to low testosterone, cannot bulk up like men, but I think I got pretty close lol. How can I reach 125lbs without looking ripped (I’m tired of looking “hard” and tough would rather look soft and slender.) Seems my family carries their weight in our stomaches too.

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