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Best Weight Loss Workout Routines for Women at the Gym or at Home

If you’re like most people, weight loss is a constant struggle.  Even more challenging, most workout routines for women don’t focus on helping you get the slim, feminine physique that you desire.  Frankly, these weight loss workout routines are vastly outdated.  However, Rusty Moore has just released what is one of the best weight loss workout routines for women at the gym or at home.  His Visual Impact for Women program includes everything you ever wanted to know about exercise routines, diet plans, and cardio.  While Rusty provides suggestions and detailed plans, the goal is to give you enough information to craft your own weight loss workout routine and diet plan.  Once you learn these tips and put in a few months of effort, I’m sure you’ll realize that this is the last workout routine you’ll ever need.

Weight Loss Workout Routines for Women

There’s a fundamental problem with most weight loss workout routines for women…they don’t help you train for the look you want.  Sure, there are plenty of programs targeted toward women, but most don’t consider the impact of how you train.  Too many trainers advocate a specific style of training that leads to a thick, muscular body.  Most women prefer to have sleek, slender body.

Visual Impact will help you avoid looking like this!

Visual Impact will teach you how your body is not only transformed by how many sets and reps you perform, but by how fatigued your muscles get in the process.  Additionally, cardio has been pushed aside by a lot of programs.  Visual Impact includes a detailed guide to strategically using cardio to really accelerate fat burning.

The Best Workout Routine for Women?

So how can this possibly be the best workout routine for women?  Because someone finally listened to your input!  Author Rusty Moore runs a fitness blog (Fitness Black Book) that gets almost 5 million visitors per year.  He’s personally read all 20,000 comments and concerns and developed this program based on his 20+ years of fitness experience.  The diet and exercise approaches he advocates in Visual Impact for Women have already helped countless blog readers over the years.  His men’s program, Visual Impact Muscle Building, is my personal favorite workout routine and Visual Impact Cardio is a top notch routine as well.  Basically, if you want the slim, fit, feminine physique, this is the best program for you.

Workout Routines for Women at the Gym…or at Home!

Another great feature of Visual Impact for Women is how flexible the workout routines are.  There are programs for women who have time to get to the gym as well as routines for women who prefer to exercise at home.  The book spends a lot of time on customizing your routine as well.  Maybe you only want to exercise 3 days per week?  Maybe you have time for 4 days?  Visual Impact for Women lets you decide what works best for your schedule.

Something for Everyone

Visual Impact for Women is really targeted toward anyone who wants to lose weight.  It can help someone who has 20lbs to lose but also provides some advanced strategies for a woman who only needs to lose 5-10lbs.  The best part is that once you go through this program, you’ll likely only need to perform maintenance level workouts for the rest of your life.

Here’s a brief preview of some of the topics Visual Impact for Women covers:

  • Myths about muscle building and weight loss
  • The role of cardio in weight loss, including a 12-week fat torching cardio program
  • High rep vs. low rep training
  • Free weights vs. machines vs. bodyweight exercises
  • Dieting strategies
  • How to customize your workout routines
  • Losing muscle mass on purpose <– highly controversial in the mainstream!

Big and bulky is out…slim and fit is in!

I hope you can see why I think this is one of the best weight loss workout routines for women at the gym or at home.  If nothing else, watch the video and take a read through the Visual Impact for Women website.  Just remember, if you train like a bodybuilder, you’ll end up looking like a bodybuilder.  Change up your routine and use Visual Impact for Women to get that slim, fit, feminine physique you’ve always wanted.

31 Responses to “Best Weight Loss Workout Routines for Women at the Gym or at Home”

  • I’m on to it .. I’ve stopped my wife doing her latest program handed this to her and said go for it! …. after I picked myself up off the ground after she flattened me … I thought Hmmm maybe need to be a bit more subtle next time :-P
    Looks like a fantastic program!

  • Dave,

    Great review of VI for Women. Raymond, I’m sure plenty of women will be jumping ship on their current programs after they get ahold of this!


  • My fiance has it in her hands. The ship has been jumped :)

  • Raymond,
    Very funny…I haven’t passed this along to my wife yet, but I got her to read the Anything Goes Diet (which she loved), by simply telling her I had reviewed it for my blog. The subtle soft sell worked a little better since I didn’t end up on the floor.

    A lot of women will probably benefit from dumping personal trainers and using this program instead.

    Good luck to your fiance with this…I assume this will serve as her wedding workout.


  • Hi Dave

    Looks like a great program and I am all for more sexy lean yet feminine looking women in the world so I intend on spreading the word as well.
    In defense of personal trainers we are not all completely useless and some of us do actually listen to what our clients want :)



  • Also, PT’s are great at getting their clients to workout at 100% capacity. A lot of people (especially new-comers) have difficulty knowing how far they can push themselves.

  • I read through this and it is a typical Rusty product. Tons of great information and over delivers on what is promised! My wife is going to get started on it soon.

  • Howard,
    Didn’t mean to knock all personal trainers, just the ones who think they’re God’s gift to everything. There are certainly plenty out there like you who are out to help others.

    As Rusty mentions in the book, the effort is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it’s great to push yourself. On the other hand, if you’re pushing to your limits (i.e. muscular fatigue), you might not be building the body you thought you were.

    I’m waiting for the day that Rusty puts out something that I can criticize…not there yet!


  • This is a great program. I’ve looked over it and it’s got some interesting tips.

    On a side note, that first picture is ridiculously unappealing.

  • editor:

    For women who have iphones: 5 Great Apps to Lose Weight

    P.S: You’re right, that first picture is almost embarrassing! lol

  • My wife has been reading on this program and is excited about trying it out. She’s afraid of the p90x program because it is so intense, but of course she’s even more afraid of bulking up and looking like she-hulk. We’ll see… at least she’s motivated.

  • Hey Dave,

    I did the men’s version of this program (Visual Impact) and it really delivered, so I’m certain the women’s version will just as effective for women.

    Being a personal trainer, I have to agree with Howard, lol. The slim athletic, bond girl look is what most women and I’m all about helping them achieve it. When I listen of course ;)

  • Srdjan and Editor,
    The pic is a little extreme (I could have just gone with a regular, muscular, athletic woman and made the point). This was more fun though!

    I hope your wife has success with this program. I’m not entirely against P90X; I just think that you can better spend your time than exercising intensely for 6+ hours per week. If you’re preparing for a wedding or dream vacation, it’s probably not a bad approach. For the average person, it’s a tough sell. Definitely not a long-term program either.

    Listening is quite challenging in this day and age! I’ll rephrase my comments from earlier…any personal trainers who are reading my blog probably already know the right way to treat their clients. However, I can think of a few trainers at a gym down the street who tend to train their clients using the same routine for everyone (or at least it appears that way).


  • melissa:

    The program sounds good! I guess my only question is with the weights he recommends is it enough weight to create a more firmer and rounder butt? Because correct me if I am wrong but if the glutes are mainly muscle then wouldnt I need heavier weights to do squat and lunges in to get a firm and rounder butt?

  • Wow, the first lady scares the hell out of me. I told my girlfriend to stay away from the barbells when I saw her building more muscle than me :D (she agreed by the way) I think the guy at the gym put her to train like a bodybuilder. Now she looks for something less aggressive. I’ll tell her to look at this program.

  • This program looks cool. I’m looking forward to recommending it to the ladies I know who want to look good (actually, I think that’s all of them! I better get too it).


  • Melissa,
    Just like me, Rusty believes every person’s body is different and every workout should be customized to their liking. While HIIT is the described as the primary source of leg training, Visual Impact for Women includes a Legs & Butt Tweak that can be done once per week (using the principle of low rep, heavy weight training, avoiding failure). If you haven’t tried solely using HIIT as your leg workout, I’d recommend trying it for a month or two and seeing if you like the results. You can always add this tweak in after. One fear with squats and lunges is that they can add muscle mass pretty quickly…most women don’t like that additional mass because it can make their jeans tighter.

    I’d cower in fear at the first woman as well. Sounds like your girlfriend could have turned into your own personal bodyguard if she kept up the training. Hopefully this helps her get the look she’s after!

    I’d agree about recommending it. It’s a welcome change to any standard, cookie cutter routine.


  • I showed my wife this and she loved it! lol.

    Christ, if I ever needed a bodyguard I’ll pick the first girl… She is butch enough to make any man step back in fear!

    Workout Routines To Build Muscle

  • Oliver,
    She definitely looks tough…reminds me of Nicole Bass and Chyna from the WWE a long time ago.

  • Sam:

    This type of workout looks good. Something I have never understood is why so many women avoid building muscle. Many just do cardio to burn calories and lose fat.

    When in fact, by building a little muscle women look healthier, feel stronger and the extra muscle uses up more calories which reduces your body fat any way.

  • Sam,
    Old habits die hard…it took many years before women were even accepted into the weight room alongside men. Fortunately that’s been changing and I think we’ll see a lot more women using weights in the future.

  • Toni:

    It’s funny because I always assumed that most guys would love a female bodybuilder type. As I’ve gotten older, a lot of my husband’s friends have told me otherwise. They go so far as to say, it’s downright scary for a woman to look like that. I like the lean athletic look like the celebrity trainer, Jackie Warner from ‘Thintervention’ on Bravo. She is, by far, the best female physique I’ve seen in a long time. Toned, lean with awesome abs but not overdone. I totally aspire to look like that. And to think that she’s in her 40s too with that physique. I still am timid about going into the weight room at the gym. I’m always afraid that some of the men will raise an eyebrow at my presence. I usually wait until I see a few women in there so I’m not the only one.

  • Toni,
    I think a lot of men are into the toned but not overly muscular look. Jackie looks like she’s in really good shape; maybe even too muscular for my taste. Pretty amazing for someone in her 40s though (reminds me of Dara Torres). If the weight room really intimidates you, maybe it’s time for a new gym. Modern weight rooms shouldn’t just be full of macho men any more.

  • Cal:

    What if I have a naturally more muscular body type than an average women? Will this Visual Impact for Women work for me since I am already naturally more muscular, and gain muscle easier??

  • Cal,
    We all have a natural body type and we can only manipulate it so much. Visual Impact for Women does focus on helping women get the slim, feminine look so it should serve as a good guide. It certainly doesn’t focus on adding muscle mass. In fact, there’s what many would consider a controversial chapter on losing muscle mass on purpose.

  • Nice review! Every product Rusty makes is easy to read, but very effective. There’s so many misconceptions floating around the fitness world, I believe every women could benefit from Visual Impact.

  • Nice read. This blog is awesome.

  • The bodybuilder look is overrated! That gal in the picture probably has more testosterone than many men!

  • Hi,
    I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder. I’m a woman, and I love to have a sexier body. Visual Impact for Women is the key! :)

  • Roselen:

    Women want sexy bod and not the muscular one. I must say that this fitness workout book is awesome. What I like about it is it does not really have a strict schedule for the workout, I can customize my time and do it whenever I have the time.

  • Karl:

    I think the main problem is the association with muscle building and body building. Some women think that building muscles will make them look like a female bodybuilder, which is something few of them want.

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